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Solar Air Heater manufacturer.
"A Greener Energy Solution For the World"

Solar Air Heater DIY

  It all starts with what's inside!

Solar Air Heater Design

Solar Air Heating Systems can be designed and supplied as specified by a customers needs and application. The required hot air temperature is not limited by a single sized panel. 


System life is more than 20 years without any additional maintenance.
Lowest cost, pay-back period is shorter - less than 2 years.

Example of Customers Builds


About solar air heaters
About Solar Air Heaters

Free heat from the sun!

The use of a solar air heater will almost alleviate the need to use conventional heating during fall and spring with a reduced need for conventional heating during the winter. 

Solar Air System is a new way of transferring heat energy from the sun into your living areas using a U.S. Patented "Step-Wise Heating Technology™".

Direct sunlight on the surface of each partition causes it to heat up. This heat is transferred into your living area creating a new source of environmentally clean available heat at a minimum cost.

Introduction to solar air heatering.
About solar air heaters

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"A Greener Energy Solution For the World"

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